The stars of a CCTV system

A professional CCTV installation by a fully qualified and registered electrician is a proactive step in safeguarding your property. More and more businesses and homeowners are turning to CCTV as it’s effective and easy to operate. Here’s a list of the top four reasons you should consider hiring an electrician to install CCTV.

A clear and present deterrent

Opportunist criminals can target properties indiscriminately, but more calculating and organised burglars will heed the presence of a CCTV system and give the property a wide berth. To maximise deterrence, clearly display signs around the perimeter of your working security system.

Safe home

With CCTV, if you hear a concerning noise in the middle of the night, you can check if anything is untoward from the safety of your own home. You can assess the danger without opening curtains, alerting potential thieves to your presence, and call the police without detection.

Know your enemy

If a break-in occurs while you are away from your property, a modern CCTV can potentially catch the criminal’s face. The police and CPS can use this as evidence to identify and convict. Similarly, if your CCTV points towards another property or road, it can help capture footage of crimes occurring near your business or home.

No high-risk insurance

When estimating your property insurance, the assessor will look closely at the home or business’s security. If your property features a modern and well-maintained CCTV system fitted by a competent electrician, this will likely reduce the price of your insurance policy.